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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Here is a list of all the best-selling toys for little boys that you can find on Amazon. Whether you need a gift for a nephew, grandson, or your own little one you are sure to find something they will love! All of these gifts are also vetted by my 6-year-old son so they are little boy-approved! haha


This post contains affiliate links. They come at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #AD

This classic toy is so much fun! My son just walked by saw it on my computer and said "WOW, that's so cool! Does that glow in the dark? I want one!" As soon as he walked away I ordered it to get ahead on Christmas shopping!

My son has this camera and he loves it. He really enjoys taking pictures and before this camera, he would be asking for my phone constantly to take photos and videos. This camera is very kid-friendly, easy to use, and durable.


Mini Drone for Kids

My husband is a videographer so my kids are always interested in his drone. I am honestly shocked by the prices that drones are available for now!! I have always looked for small cheap drones for my son but this one is such a reasonable price for something that resembles a professional drone like his dads.

Light Up Drone

This one is also at a great price. You do not need a phone to operate this one You essentially fly it around like you would a toy car. I love that this one lights up. I know my boys would have a blast playing with this at night.

Hover Drone

We got this drone for my son last Christmas. It is the easiest to operate because it flies by avoiding obstacles. If you put your hand near it the drone will fly away from your hand. It is great for playing "keep it up". WOW, I just realized how much in the future we are. Instead of playing that game with a balloon, it's a drone!!

Remote Control Toys

Musical Instruments

Marvel Toys

Ninja Turtles


These tiles are so much fun for the whole family. I love seeing the type of things the kids are able to make. I'm always amazed by their creativity.

There are some of the best-sellers on Amazon for boys. All of these would make a perfect Christmas gift for young boys! My son has personally vouched for all of these as he asked me multiple times "Are you buying this for me?" I have already ordered some of these myself for my 6-year-old to get a head start on Christmas gifts.



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