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Camping with kids! What to pack?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Camping with kids takes a lot of work. Traveling with kids is always a lot of prep work, but camping with kids is even more! This list is going to help you make sure that you have everything you need for a successful trip while camping with kids!

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What to pack when camping with kids: Sleeping

This tent is absolutely perfect for traveling with kids. It is the EASIEST tent I have ever put up. I can put it up by myself in about 5 min total. It is that easy. Not only is it easy to set up it also is just perfect! It has 3 rooms with doors that zip close which I love because so many other tents have big gaps on the side which is not ideal when sharing with other adults and you need to change.

It is incredibly cool. Everyone else we were with said it was so hot in their tent during the day and that they were sweating while changing. We however perfectly fine. It actually felt better inside the tent than outside.

The cover for the top extends to provide a lot of shade if you want to sit outside of the tent. The only thing I will need to make sure to do next time is to attach a glow stick to the strings because everyone was tripping on the ropes that connect to the ground. Other than that it is absolutely perfect!

This light was perfect for our kids as a night light. The batteries were able to last the full 5 nights we used it and longer. We kept it on every night the entire night. It also has a fan which is also helpful while relaxing around the campsite.

What to pack for camping: Eating

I am so glad we finally got to put this grill to use. It was very easy to set up. Not too heavy and compact. The two different grill types that it comes with made it easy to cook all of our meals. All of the components are also very easy to clean and don't take any special care. The side plates came in handy while preparing meals.

What to pack for camping with kids: Fun

What to pack for camping with kids: Everything else

Perfect for little ones (and adults) to get some light hands-free. These made it easy for my toddlers to play at night. It also helped that I could spot the kids so easily. They have adjustable brightness and flashing settings.

This one is extremely bright. Just watch the video to see how bright it is. The only downside is that it does not last a very long time. We would charge it every day to make sure it was ready to go for the night.

There are a million and one portable chargers out there but this one is a must-have! This one is able to jump-start a car if needed and has a regular outlet which comes in handy.

  • Sunscreen

  • Towels: beach and showers

  • Toddler potty (You do not want to be running to a bathroom with a 3 year old! Just take it!)

  • Vacuum seal bags ( These made it easy to fit all of our blankets and towels in the car!)

  • Chairs

  • Scissors

  • Toiletries

For The Kids:


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