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Disneyland with Toddlers: Packing List

Disneyland is no doubt the happiest place on earth! There is something just magical about it! While walking to the park my cheeks were seriously hurting from excitement! Making sure you bring all the necessities can make sure that your day can be full of excitement and not of stress!! Here is the full list of what you need when spending a day at Disneyland with toddlers to ensure a magical day for the whole family!


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Disney Outfits:

So I’m pretty sure it’s an unofficial official rule that you have to wear something Disney when you go to Disney parks. Literally, 99.9% of visitors are wearing Disney!! Whether that’s Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars or straight out original Mickey Mouse everyone has something represented.

My favorite place to buy Disney clothes for my family is Zara, H&M & Amazon.

This is what my daughter wore to Disneyland. We actually already owned this dress from Christmas the year before so yes it is a little small now. It does fit true to size! It was perfect for a Disney outfit without screaming Minnie Mouse!

I always put shorts under her dresses and since this dress is getting pretty small the black shorts went perfectly with the Minnie Mouse theme.

On top of the dress, I added this Minnie Mouse bomber jacket she has! So cute and stylish!

Of course you NEED Minnie mouse ears! For toddlers, I find it easier to keep clip-on ears compared to keeping a headband on. There are sooooo many different styles available! You can get them to match any character or outfit you're planning!

Toddler boys:

My son wore a Spiderman shirt and brought his favorite Captain America jacket. This one is amazing quality and even has a mask on the hood which he thinks is just the coolest thing ever invented!

He also brought his Mickey mouse hat!


My husband and I both wore a Marvel shirt from Target. Make sure to wear very comfy shoes because it’s going to be a lot of walking!! I 100% recommend if you plan on going on any water rides bring a pair of flip flops to throw on. Last year I didn’t do that and yea my feet were soaked the whole day!!!

What we brought to Disney:

A double stroller:

Sadly Disney does not allow wagons so we were not able to bring our beloved Wonderfold Wagon. Good thing we still had our double stroller! The double stroller we have is the contour curve stroller and I love it! It is easy to switch the seats around, has a very large shade, and a large basket underneath which allowed me to fit everything we needed for the day!

But if you do use wagons often please remember you can not use them in the park unless your child has a medical condition that requires a wagon. Making sure you are aware of this rule will save you money by not needing to rent a stroller! This rule applies to Downtown Disney as well!

On my stroller and wagon, I always use this cute organizer bag which is perfect for putting my phone, drinks, and anything else I need to access often.

In my stroller basket, I had my cooler, snack bag, and jackets.


You can bring food and drinks into the parks!! The best way to save money at Disneyland is to buy snacks ahead of time. The whole day at the park we only spent $5 on a bag of cotton candy! That’s it! $5 for the whole day!

When buying our treats for the day I always look for Disney themed snacks that way you still have Disney vibes without the Disneyland price!

In our snack bag, we had:

  • Our homemade Mickey Mouse rice krispies that we made together as a family! These sell for $6 at the parks

  • Mickey mouse goldfish

  • Applesauce pouches

  • Spiderman fruit snacks

  • Candy! I let each of my kids choose a candy at the grocery store to take to Disneyland. While there I saw that one bag of gummy worms is $7. I spent less than that on both of their candy choices and they didn't even finish all of it.

  • Pirates booty which I put in reusable zip lock bags to save space!

My husband and I are on the keto diet so we brought :


I was in need of a new cooler and this one is great and affordable. I really like that the sides collapse so that you could put it in your luggage easily without taking up much space.

In our cooler, we brought:

  • Gatorade Zero

  • Disney Zevia Lemonade, The kids are already going to eat a lot more sugar than normal might as well leave the sugar out of their drinks!

  • Milk boxes I always buy these when on the go because they don't spoil if not refrigerated.

  • Cheese sticks

  • Cut up strawberries

When ordering treats make sure to use Amazon or Shipt with your local grocery store or Target to save time! You can sign up with my link and save $10 off your yearly membership! You're not just saving $10 but hours worth of shopping and all that money you spend in Target on things you didn't go in for!!!


I also took my backpack that I use as a diaper bag. In there, I had:

  • Feeding cover

  • Extra outfit for the baby

  • Leggings for my daughter incase it got cold

  • Place mats . These are great for eating at restaurants. I have these in my bag at all times. You can just stick them on and then you don’t have to worry about your babies food touching the table.

  • Wipes

  • My medicine bag

  • Masks at the moment Disneyland requires masks while indoors.

  • Diapers

Bubble Wand

The last thing we brought was bubble wands! It’s no surprise that kids love bubbles!! Bubble wands at Disneyland cost $30. I was able to find these online for $15 each.

My son's button did get stuck for a little while so we had a few minutes of constant bubbles but in the end it was worth it. They dropped them so many times and they still work great. Just make sure you add batteries before you leave the house because they are not included. You can also buy extra bubbles at the dollar tree and have an endless supply of bubbles!!! YAYYY!! Bubbles for everyone !!!

I was hesitant to mention these wands because my sons got stuck but when a dad asked me where I got the Mickey mouse wand I realized that they were only selling little mermaid. Buying just one little mermaid wand for my daughter would have been a recipe for disaster. So in the end I decided they were worth it!!

Extra Note:

Next time I will bring an extra sippy cup!! My baby dropped his and I could not find a sippy cup at any of the stores!!

So there it is your list of everything you will need for Disneyland with toddlers! I really tried to not over-pack. Throughout the day, I felt like we had the perfect amount of stuff to be prepared without feeling like we were lugging around our whole house!!

Let me know, do you have any Disneyland must-haves that I need to add to my packing list? Let us know in the comments!

And as always happy memory making!!


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