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Is the Disneyland Genie+ worth it?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Genie+ is the new version of the old MaxPass in Disneyland! We got the chance to try it out during our day in Disneyland!


After purchasing our year pass for Disneyland in November we have made sure to go to Disneyland at least once a month!

The old MaxPass was a must-have for me!

I have always been a fan of the Disneyland MaxPass and always paid the extra $15 to use it. I found it so beneficial for kids to skip the line and save some time!! Skipping the line saved us so much sanity and made the kids less cranky. I never minded the $15 because I understand that the time I was saving was worth that $15.

The only downside for me was that you could only book fast passes every few hours or so. So for example, if I got to the park and booked a fast pass for later in the day I couldn’t book another fast pass until about 2 hours later. Yea, that was annoying.

So how was it using Genie+

I have been waiting ever since they announced they would have the Genie+ for it to come out in Disneyland and let’s just say I am underwhelmed.

We will probably not use it again. We paid $20 per person. My husband and I went on 3 rides using it, my son 2 rides, and grandma 1. A lot of the rides available were height limit rides so my two younger kids had to stay with grandma. Not super worth it. We went on a Tuesday in January and it was very empty. The average line was only 20 min without a fast pass and the longest was an hour for rides like a haunted mansion.

In California Adventure we really wanted to go on the Cars ride and the Spiderman web-slinger but they are both an extra $10. So we decided it wasn’t worth spending an extra $40 per person.

The worst part is the platform itself. Tell me if this is just me but it took me so long to try and find where the Genie+ option was, to begin with!! I couldn’t find it and trying to find the rides available to the book was difficult as well but maybe that's just a learning curve.

One benefit of Genie+ is that as soon as you go on the ride you are able to pick a new one. It does not have the same waiting period that Fast Pass had.

Genie+ Side Tip:

Everyone with Genie + has the same booking times for rides. I noticed when we would get to a ride right on time there would not be a line, but a few minutes later the fast pass line would be a lot longer as everyone comes to redeem their pass. So either be there right on time or wait until the crowd goes by.

Is Genie+ worth it?

It honestly all depends on how busy of a day it is!

I would wait until you get to the park and see how long the rides are. If they are on average an hour plus, then yes I would do Genie+ again and hope that they have fixed some of the tech issues and usability. But if it's a slow day like it was for us I would just skip it! (maybe just pay the $10 for web-slinger)

Just depends on your preference, are you willing to wait in lines and save $20 per person or skip the line and spend a little extra?


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