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The Best Wagon for Multiple Small Children

As a mom of 3 kids 4 and under this is my NUMBER ONE item I have ever bought! EVER! My favorite item ever!!!!! Not only do I love it and we get countless compliments and questions about it every time we use it but my kids actually like to ride in it! This is a MUST HAVE for moms with small children! The amount of people who have commented on it while we are out is crazy. It kinda becomes a little game between my husband and I.


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How many kids can it fit?

When pregnant with my third child I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be able to use my beautiful double stroller that I had only had for a year anymore and started looking for other options. Then I came across the Wonderfold Wagon. They have wagons that fit both 2 and 4 children.

We have the W4 original wagon stroller and have used it for over 3 years now. To be honest any complaints I had (which is very few) with this wagon were fixed in their new version!!

The Seats:

With the W4 you have 2 bench seats that have 2 five point harnesses. The bench seats come out easily. So if you only need two kids to sit at once you can take one seat out. I did this often when my youngest was not able to sit up fully yet and he would lay down on the bottom with a boppy pillow while the other two sat in the seat. It is also good when a little one needs to take a nap. You can easily take the seats out and have them lay down. The new version even has reclining seats. Yes, reclining seats in a wagon! Talk about a LUX Baby ride!

I like that the seats are raised. It helps so that they can see everything going on outside. My one year old often stands up in the middle of the seats and since the sides of the wagon are so tall there is no worries of him falling out. It also provides plenty of storage. I can put extra blankets, jackets and even a small cooler under the seats, helping me keep my arms free.


Speaking of storage! There is a ton on this wagon. There are two side pockets that are perfect for your phone or kids cups and other small items. There is a big pouch on the front and a storage basket on the back that has a zipper to close it.


The wagon comes with a detachable shade. It also is able to adjust to where the sun is to keep the sun out of your sleeping baby's face! WINNING!!


The only struggle we have had with the original wagon is that I need to take off the handles every time I put it in the van. But TA DA they fixed it!! The new handles are able to fold down, making getting in

and out of the car a breeze.

Folds up:

This wagon is amazingly easy to fold up! It is easier than any other stroller I have ever had!

If you haven’t noticed, I love this wagon so much! Almost as much as I love coffee! It’s like if you had to take 2 items with you on an island it would be my espresso machine and this wagon!! It has been a lifesaver with my 3 little ones. I have taken it in stores (because we all know shopping carts do not have moms of more than one kid in mind), parks, the beach, amusement parks, vacations, pumpkin patches and the list goes on. I highly recommend the Wonderfold Wagon to every mom out there with their hands full. I'm 100% sure it will be your absolute favorite mom purchase!



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