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Toddler Diaper Bag Organization

Diaper bag organization has been a huge help to my family. It makes days out so much easier and stress-free! Ok, maybe not stress-free.. but you know .... less stress lol! Here is how I organize my toddler diaper bag for my 4,3 and 1-year-old!

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So I am super obsessed with organizing! And yes you can thank the Home Edit for feeding that addiction. I love having everything in its place. It’s weird, even as a little girl I used to organize the magnets that they used to have on the soda fridges in Walmart while my mom was playing. And I would organize my grandma's box of hundreds of buttons just for her to throw them all back in the box again. Long story short, I’m a freak!

But this freakiness has come in handy with carrying the belongings of 3 children. Nothing helps more as a mom than being organized!

Saves so much time, and so much headache and it is easier for other people to help you when things are exactly where they should be.

Here is how I organize my diaper bag! My kids are one, three, and four now. So these items are a little bit different than a newborn. But even with a newborn, I did not add THAT MUCH more!

It is not actually a diaper bag at all. So there is no insulated pouch. But this bag has so many pockets and pouches; it is so helpful! Plus it's cute and goes with everything and makes it easy to be hands-free.

Use zipper pouches to organize your items into categories!

The most important part of organizing your toddler diaper bag is having pouches! The pouches I use are from Marshalls but here are some great options! This is so helpful when other people need to access your toddler diaper bag as well. Just yesterday my mother-in-law was in the back seat during a long drive. While I was driving I was able to tell her to grab the medicine pouch to get my son's motion sickness pills. So much easier than trying to have here search through the bag for the box of medicine!

Diaper pouch

In a large zipper pouch add your diaper changing items. When it's time to change them you ( or someone else hopefully) can just grab the pouch and go change them.

Extra clothes pouch

I always bring an extra pair of clothes for my one-year-old just in case. Who knows what could happen? I once had my niece spill a vanilla bean frap on him… so yea anything could happen.

  • sweats/shorts

  • Tshirt

These are not his most stylish clothes. Their sole purpose is to just have him dressed in an emergency. They stay in my bag until needed.

My all the things pouch

This pouch has everything!!! Everything!!! This is a great pouch to have because you can just take it and throw it in any bag you are using that day.

Snack pouch:

This has their favorite snack at the moment or some candy for times of need.

Eating out pouch:

I have all of our glasses:

My kids have these! I love that they come in a pack of two!! I was able to get one for my daughter and son in one pack. They are flexible so they do not break easily. They also have a strap if you want to add it on so they don’t fall off and get lost. They are polarized to protect those little eyes!

Floater items:

Feeding cover aka muslin swaddle blanket tied


And that is it!!! Even with all of that I still have space in this bag! There are pockets that are empty!! But this is what I have found to be exactly what my family needs on a day out of the house whether that's running errands or a day trip to Disneyland!


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