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Travel hacks for flying with a baby: What you NEED in your carry on diaper bag!

My youngest just turned one year old. His birthday was 3 days before his first plane ride! Depending on the age of your baby this list might differ a little. Here are some travel hacks for flying with a baby to help ensure your plane ride is a breeze.


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A backpack:

So important! As moms, we all know we need as many hands as we can get. This is even more important when in an airport. Making sure your diaper bag is a backpack will save your life and sanity! This is the one I have it's not a "diaper bag" but I put diapers in there so boom it's a diaper bag.

Baby carrier:

Like I said hands-free is so important! If your child is still small enough to carry in a baby carrier make sure to bring it. I always check the stroller with the suitcases and take my baby in a carrier. It is much easier than pushing a stroller around a crowded airport. I have used this one with all 3 of my kids.

A Gallon Ziploc Bag:

I found this so helpful. During car rides, I always have a bag for trash so of course you need one on the plane too! Even with putting gummies into a reusable bag (like I mentioned in my post about what to pack in your toddler's carry-on) you still end up with trash from other snacks, wipes, napkins, and more. Since it's such a small space taking a gallon bag can help keep it a little more organized. And when the flight attendant comes by you just dump it out into their trash and keep your bag for later.

Obvious stuff: wipes and diapers

An extra outfit:

I never need an extra outfit for my son but of course on the plane he peed on me. Yep right through the side of the diaper and onto my pants. Good thing I had an extra outfit or he would have been landing in Hawaii in a diaper! Make sure it's a one-piece so that it doesn't take up a lot of space of course.

A Medicine pack:

Keeping a zipper pouch with all of the "medical" necessities is very helpful, and when you land and continue with your trip it is easy to throw it into whatever bag you are planning on using. Things I throw into mine are floss sticks, makeup wipes, Dramamine, kids' Dramamine, infant Motrin ( my little one was teething during the time. You never know if they could start teething on the way back too!), a hair tie, chapstick, Tylenol, Listerine Ready! Tabs, soap sheets.


A blanket that folds up small. Your baby will most likely be sleeping most of the ride! "Hopefully"

Quiet toys:

Hopefully, your baby is sleeping the whole ride. If you plan your trip according to when they are usually asleep, like early in the morning you should be good. But when they aren't I found these toys helpful to keeping them entertained without making too much noise. A book with touch-and-feel pages, a pop-it toy, the rattle, and a little car.

Breastfeeding cover

A bottle or sippy cup

A bottle of water, milk, or juice:

You should not have any problems when bringing liquids on the plane with a baby. On the plane they only had water, soda, and coffee so having your baby's drink of choice will make things a lot smoother for your baby.

I hope you enjoyed these travel hacks for flying with a baby! What tips do you have for our traveling mommas out there?


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