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What to take to Disneyland on a HOT day!

Disneyland on a hot day can be a little rough but if you bring these things with you, you will have a much more enjoyable day at the happiest place on earth!

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How to beat the heat in Disneyland!

An absolute must-have to bring with you in the California heat while visiting Disneyland! This one is our favorite so far. The mist is very light. I wouldn't say you can even feel the mist at all, but it makes the air coming out of the fan a lot colder like a mini AC.

We use a spray bottle for doing our hair but always bring it with us on hot days to cool down. As a bonus tip, you can get ice from any restaurant in Disneyland and add it to the spray bottle for an extra refreshing cold mist.

This tip comes from my mother-in-law. She brings an umbrella with her anytime we are going to be in the heat. Having that extra shade is very helpful. While in line at Disneyland people will sometimes leave big gaps in the line just to avoid standing in the sun.

One thing I wish we did have however is an attachment for the stroller that holds the umbrella. I thought of this when we went to Disneyland in the rain. It is not very easy to push a double stroller while holding an umbrella so this is something I will need to invest in for the next time we head out!

These patches are perfect to take with you on any hot day. If your kids start to overheat you can take these out and stick them on their forehead. They are perfect because they can be used without having them in the freezer.

What to add in your cooler for Disneyland on a hot day

Staying hydrated is going to be very important while exploring Disneyland on a hot day. Not only will this save money but it will also save time looking for drinks. We use this cooler, it fits perfectly in the bottom of the stroller and folds flat when it is empty. You can also bring your own water bottle and refill it at water stations for free. Or of course, get free water at Starbucks.

I filled our cooler with frozen Gatorade.

This helps for a few reasons:

  • It keeps the food cold

  • Saves space by not needing to put cold packs

  • We had super cold refreshing drinks throughout the day

Hats and sunglasses

Bringing hats with large brims and sunglasses is going to help keep the sun out of your little one's face and eyes.

My favorite sunscreen for little faces (and my own) is this one by sun bum. Having it in a "glue stick" like form makes it so easy to apply without a fuss.

Our favorite cold treat while in Disneyland

OK it is actually in California Adventures. My oldest loves slushies right now and Big Bong's Sweet Stuff is the best place to get slushies. They have so many flavors, combinations, and add-ins like nerds and "boba" balls. They even have edible straws!

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