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About the Nav Family 

Hi there! Welcome to our little corner of the Internet! We are the Navarrete family and yes you probably read that wrong. Don’t worry we’re used to it! Nav is a lot easier. We are an adventure loving family with 3 kids within 4 years!! We love to travel, visit new places, EAT new food (emphasis on eat new food), experience new things and learn as much as we can along the way.

We love to travel to new places all over but with 3 kids three and under that’s not always easy. One thing with having kids is that the spontaneous flights and weekend trips are rare to come by. Trips now take a little more planning but I hope that I am able to make that easier so you and your family can explore too! I aim to help families with littles like us learn new tricks to help navigate their new adventures and create lasting memories! Time spent with family is the most important thing to, and I love to spend that time exploring with my family!

While we don’t get to go on week long vacations every month we always try and have new adventures in our home town on the weekends! So if you are from San Diego County or you are planning a trip down here I hope I can give you some insight to make your trip memorable.

I hope that you stick around and follow us on our family adventures! Thank you and happy travels!


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