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Biggest pumpkin patch in Southern California

We went to the largest pumpkin patch in Southern California! We have been on a mission to find the best pumpkin patch for little kids this year! Last weekend we drove over to Redlands to visit Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch. We went the second weekend of October with our 3 kids 6,5 and 3 years old. Here is what you should know before you head over there!


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General Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


It was a great experience! But we would not make it an annual thing because it is extremely pricey. We spent $158 and spent 3 hours there.

When are they open:

They are open every day of October. The hours vary per day. In comparison to other pumpkin patches, they are open very late! They are open until 9 pm Sunday - Thursday and 10 pm most Fridays & Saturdays. Make sure to check the schedule below because each day does vary.

We ended up choosing to go here over another pumpkin patch because of how late they stay open. Since it was still so hot in Redlands it's a great chance to head out once it is a little colder and still have a lot of time to spend.


Very expensive for a pumpkin patch. It is the largest but with that comes a large price tag. The prices vary based on the day you visit and the age. Ages 2 and under are free. On Saturdays and Sundays, the price also goes up after 2 PM.

We paid $22 per adult and $17 per kid. So a total of $78 JUST FOR ENTRANCE!!!!! (shh if you did the math here our youngest just turned 3 so we let him pass as 2)

Tickets: 💰💰💰

They have more activities and rides than I have ever seen in a pumpkin patch before! It is a lot more like a festival than a pumpkin patch. You will not run out of things to do there or get bored that is for sure. (well as long as you are willing to sell your kidneys before coming here)

For the rides and activities, you need to have tickets. The tickets are sold at vending machines placed throughout the pumpkin patch. The tickets are on a card, make sure to ask for your balance after they scan for each ride.

You can buy cards in quantities of $20 for 20 tickets, $40 for 45 tickets, and $100 for 120 tickets.

Rides and games range from 3-8 tickets each.

We bought the $40 card. With 3 kids 45 tickets went very quickly!

All 3 of them were able to:

  • Go through the inflatable maze

  • 2 of them did the paintball shooting

  • Pumpkin Ferris wheel

  • The corn box

Their favorite activity was the corn box surprisingly. It is exactly how it sounds. A giant play area of corn kernels. They have some construction toys in there as well for the kids to dig in the corn. They stayed in there for a good 15 mins.

I was hesitant to even have them go in because it was 4 tickets each!! So that meant a total of 12 tickets out of 45. But it ended up being their favorite activity.

But as a warning, they will come out so dirty be ready to bathe them in baby wipes when they get out!

They also had a few free activities that they were able to enjoy. Their favorite was the low ropes course.

The other free activity they went on was the spider web play net.

Here are the other free activities that they have available.

Parking: ⭐️⭐️

Parking is free so that is a plus. The first parking lot at the main gate has handicap parking available.

When entering the main street from either side you will be directed into one of their satellite parking lot. From there you will get in line to board a tractor shuttle that can carry about 25 people at a time.

So, we waited about 30 min in the line before we realized that Grandma had her handicap parking card. We ended up leaving the line to drive to the front parking lot.

The line moved very slowly and I know we would have had a little bit of a struggle getting our wagon onto the tractor. But it is possible because many people in line had wagons.

Food: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

With over 20 vendors they have plenty of food options and varieties from German, Mexican, BBQ, beer, and beyond. We decided to just get drinks there because we planned to eat at a restaurant after we left.

We got each kid a slushie, $8 each (I want to say it was a 16-ounce) and we got one large Micheagua which was $20! These have no alcohol they are an agua fresca with the rim of a michelada.

So we spent a whopping $44 on just 4 drinks. I’m having a heart attack just thinking about it.

What to bring:

Depending on the weather of course! When we went it was 90+ degrees.

  • Umberalla for the sun

  • Sunscreen

  • Wipes!!

  • Closed-toe shoes! I wish I had worn my older shoes because my shoes are now disgusting!!

Do not bring:

  • Outside food and drinks, coolers

Let me know have you visited Live Oak Canyon? What were your thoughts? What other pumpkin patches should we try out in the So Cal area?


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