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Fun Christmas Traditions for the Family to Enjoy This Year!

Living in San Diego we don’t get too much of a “Winter” so we have to do a lot to make it feel like winter as much as possible. Here is our family fun list for winter to ensure you have a fun-filled Holiday Season! Want the full printable list check down below! You are sure to find some new Christmas traditions!


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Fun Christmas Traditions:

Winter Festival:

Find a winter festival near you. There are often little stands to buy handmade crafts, delicious food, activities for the kids, and the all-around spirit of Christmas!! In San Diego, we go to Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center. And we can not end the day without some fudge!! Check your local family websites or newspaper for winter festivals near you. Make a new Christmas tradition by visiting a winter festival each year. Going back each year helps create that feeling of Christmas and magical memories for your family!


It is amazing to be able to capture your children as they grow. They get big so fast. With the fast pace of daily life, it can be hard to take the time to get the whole family together and get some family photos done. It is amazing to be able to look back through the years and see how much your family has changed as well as be able to remember the amazing memories you had that Christmas season. It’s easy to fill your phone with messy face photos of the kids but make an effort to take some family photos this year! You won’t regret it! Get matching outfits, and do the whole thing!

Make an apple pie:

Being able to do small activities together as a family is what makes the holiday season special. A lot of time as moms we might not have the time to have our kids help out with making meals. But kids love it! They enjoy creating things with their own hands and are so proud of what they are able to make. Yes, it will be messier! Yes, it will take way longer but your kids will find so much joy in it and you will make amazing memories together!

Christmas cookies:

Every year we host a Christmas cookie decorating party (aka contest). It is so much fun to see the different types of decoration everyone comes up with. Buy some holiday cookie cutters, sprinkles, frosting, and some random candy for everyone to get creative! Throw some Christmas music on and have a blast!

Make caramel apples and gingerbread houses:

Two more activities that can allow the whole family to be involved and let some creativity fly!

This is the gingerbread house kit we use! I love it because it comes with multiple houses so we can make our own little village. It also allows everyone's little hands to be able to get involved and have something to do.

Go to the drive-in:

The movie theatre is pretty difficult to go to when you have a toddler let alone 3 under 3. I have yet to try it but I need a Tylenol just thinking about it. But the drive in, TOTALLY DOABLE!! Make the kids some candy goodie bags, do a Starbucks run, and be ready to cuddle up watching a new movie with your little one. Even though it's watching a movie just a change of scenery is exciting for everyone. It is sure to be fun for the whole family!

Have a game night!:

Yay for family game night! Kids love to play games! It can be funny to see how competitive the adults can get with little kid games as well. Here are some of the games my toddlers enjoy and are able to play together! Get down on the floor, pull out the snacks, and share some laughs with your family!

My Kids can play this fishing game forever!

*As my kids have gotten older this is a family favorite. Even the adults get competitive with this one! There are two sides of the board for two different levels of the game, making it perfect to grow with your kids.

Go to the snow:

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to go to a mountain town and play in the snow. Just being able to drive around and see the beautiful trees and snow is amazing. While in there we always make an effort to play in the snow and go sledding! Check out my list of what to take with you to the snow to make sure you're prepared!

Do something for others:

It is never too early to teach children how to care for others. Children lead by example and it is great to get the whole family involved in helping. This could be volunteering at a shelter, passing out meals or care kits to the homeless, or picking out toys for other children. Find a way to get the children involved and spread the love.

Take it all in:

Remember that while the gifts and decorations are fun, Christmas time is first about Jesus and second about the family. Make sure to take time to really soak in your family's love, don't stress the small stuff, live in the moment make amazing memories with your children and be a blessing to others. Merry Christmas!

What are some things that you do during this time of year?



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