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What To Pack For A Family Snow Trip

Packing for a family snow trip can be daunting. Any trip with family calls for a lot of stuff but for a snow trip, it called for even more. We live in San Diego but LOVE absolutely LOVE the snow!! Luckily during the winter, we can have snow about an hour away. We go on a little day trip to the snow as often as we can and make an effort to make a week trip to the snow once a year. We have been going on snow trips for 6 years now every other year adding another kid! Here are a few essentials that I have found for my packing list for any family vacation in the snow!


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What to Pack for a Family Snow Trip

Snow Jacket:

My favorite snow jackets for kids are actually from Zara. I always buy them in the end-of-season sale the year before or during their Black Friday sale. Not only are they fashionable but they keep the kids really warm as well. I preferred my son's jacket from Zara over his Columbia jacket every time!

Snow Shoes:

Shoes are so important for the snow! If you have ever been in the snow with the wrong shoes you know! It’s pretty hard to have fun when your toes are freezing into popsicles! For my kids, I always check places like Marshalls first for snow shoes. But since I live in San Diego the supply is limited and goes by fast! If you have multiple children try to keep the colors of everything gender-neutral so they can pass on their snow gear to the next child! When I haven't been able to find snow shoes in person I buy these. They come in multiple colors as well as plain black and have a drawstring at the top to ensure that no snow gets into their boots.

I have had these Sperrys for about 4 years now. I love them for winter and fall outfits. But I only recommend them for talking around town not actually playing in the snow. They keep the water out but for hours in the snow, my feet still end up cold. I wear them all the time during the winter! The downside is they can be a little slippery if you are walking on ice (but I mean it is ice).

To play in the snow I prefer these. They are insulated, waterproof, and slip resistant. These actually keep my feet warm. Plus they are still cute!

These are so helpful!! They provide so much traction to make sure you're not slipping around on the ice! Such a big help for you and the kids. Especially when you need to carry the little ones, that can be pretty scary without these.


Going along with warm feet I always make sure to put wool socks on everyone to make sure all those little toes are warm. Hot Feet make the best thermal socks for cold weather.

Snow Bib

I have used these every year since my first son was one year old. Because of that, I have only had to buy one new one each year in the next size up. And I still have one for each of my 4 kids. The other kids are able to use the old ones because I buy them in black or white.


Make sure your beanies are fleece or sherpa lined! Not only are these super cute but they will keep your head and more importantly your ears warm. When you have a regular beanie the wind will go through and still allow you to be cold. And you can match with your little ones. And they have a million and one different colors to choose from to make sure they match all your snow outfits!

Gloves Aka Mittens

Not going to lie gloves can be a pain in the butt for toddlers and babies! They can fall off so easily and if you get gloves instead of mittens then you are going to spend the whole day trying to get their fingers in each individual hole just for them to fall off in 5 min. These gloves are mitten-style and have a strap at the wrist to make them fit tightly on your baby's hands. They also go pretty high up on their wrist which helps keep them warm and makes sure there are no gaps in the kid's clothing for snow to enter into.

Make sure to put them on before their jacket to help them stay on.


I use these scarfs for my kids. They come in a few colors that are great for both boys and girls. I love that it's an infinity scarf so it's easy to put on them without it unraveling or getting in the way.


Thermals are so amazing for the snow! Before kids, I would just wear whatever and would be dying from the cold. But then I bought thermals and my life changed. I'm from southern California so this was exciting for me! So yes get thermals if you do not have any because you will actually be able to enjoy playing in the snow for hours without fear of your butt literally freezing off.

When we go to play in the snow, I put on a pair of sweats and a thin sweatshirt, or fleece footie pjs, over the thermals. This will keep them warm without being super bulky. Depending on your child this might be enough. I'm always worried about them being cold and it is a lot easier to take layers off than to be cold and not have the layers to add on. My son actually took off his snow jacket while playing in the snow because the extra layers were able to keep him warm.

These are the thermals I use and once again I love them! They keep me so warm I can be in the snow for hours with no problem. When we go to Utah and it's 20 degrees out I can walk around with just these jeans and a sweater and I will be fine.

Snow Toys

Don’t forget your snow toys!! Arn't these sleds so much fun!! Sleds can be a little more expensive to buy while out in the snow. It also saves a lot of money by having your own because you can go sled on any snowy hill you find compared to the snowboarding/ sledding locations. These ones are so much fun!! The good thing too is that they will stand out from the crowd of blue circle sleds that everyone buys there. The best part about it being inflatable is the amount of space that you save from not having to pack up a bulky plastic sled. Just don’t forget to pack a pump!

I always love to bring sand toys as well! They are perfect for toddlers to play in the snow. These snow toys allow you to make snowballs easily. Make sure to keep them out of sight of the overly competitive adults too.

I hope you found some insight on what you should add to your family packing list for a snow trip! I hope you have a blast and make some amazing memories with your family! What are your must-haves for a snow day?


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