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The Best Travel Gifts for Men This Year!!

Don't know what to get the man in your life? One thing is for sure he loves to travel and has a thirst for adventure! Here are some ideas of what you can get him this year!! All the items are personal recommendations from my husband, a man who has a passion for travel and has learned to love all of these items over the years!


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This is a gift for both of you!! No more searching for keys, wallet etc. I love that this tile multipack has different styles. The card style is perfect for his wallet without making it bulky. That is something that Airtag does not have.

This backpack is a must! If the man in your life is into photography this backpack is very helpful to keep your camera gear organized. There is space for his computer to keep it all safe as well. This backpack is amazing! It is great not just for those who like to travel with camera gear but it can also be used to keep him more organized because it basically has built-in packing cubes! Genius!!

This is perfect because it allows you to save space while traveling and still be able to go on an adventure while traveling. Also allowing you to save money on rentals.


Don't expect much help or communication from him for the next 2 weeks because he is a deeply involved citizen of the meta-verse.

But still... my husband bought one of these and loves it. There are so many fun games to play for all ages. My 5-year-old and my husband love playing angry birds and target practice together. We all have a big laugh watching everyone try to walk the plank with VR on. Creates some great family memories.

This is a must for our family! Every time we go on a vacation or even a day trip we love to take out the drone!! It’s amazing to see the birds-eye view. You get to see your location in a whole new light. If he is a tech guy or photography buff he is going to love a drone. Honestly, I think all guys probably love drones, it's like the adult RC car! This one is amazing. My husband actually uses this brand for his videography business. It folds up really small as well so it is easy to take on a plane!

This is a drone photo we took in Hawaii!

Another fun way to capture memories is with a go pro! It is amazing for any physical activity, it is easy to carry around and can go underwater. We often let my toddler walk around and record since it is light and durable. It is cute to see his little point of view. A Go Pro is a must for any vacation with water as well. In Hawaii, we were able to get amazing shots of turtles underwater.

Make sure to buy extra batteries so he is always charged to capture these moments. They do tend to die fast so having a charging block with help him be able to charge all of his batteries quickly and be ready for the day!

If he's not ready for a go-pro, a waterproof case is still a great option! It can allow him to record during water activities without the fear of ending the trip phoneless.

A must-have for every day and especially on vacation! Perfect for making sure his phone is always ready to capture amazing moments, look up the best restaurants, and also of course not get lost! This one is solar powered so that's even better! Perfect for a day at the beach it will just recharge itself.

These are perfect for any summer vacation! We both have fully embarrassed the middle school PE teacher look! I now understand why they wore these every day. They cover so much and keep the sun off your face and your shoulders! Hemlock hats are our favorite brand they are amazing quality and come in so many different designs. There is sure to be one that fits his style!

We have at least 3 of these! They also have kids' hats so daddy can match with the kids! Cute!!

A necessity for all summer vacations. My husband has been so thankful to have these in multiple vacations such as Lake Tahoe and Hawaii while cliff jumping and Yosemite while walking through the river. They are so helpful to make sure you don’t cut your feet or slip on the rocks.

Along with all of his gear comes a thousand cords! Making sure these cords stay organized and don’t turn into a cord tornado is going to make his trip a lot smoother. No more searching for cords, having a case that keeps them all in one place and separated will make charging a breeze. And when he can easily charge his gear he is more likely to have everything fully charged and ready to capture those amazing moments.

These are the go-to glasses. They are perfect for both women and men ( so hint-hint a gift for you too!) But really these are great. They are polarized, affordable, and go with everything!

Perfect for plane rides and when he needs to answer the phone while on long road trips!

If your husband is a coffee lover you are going to need this cup! It will keep his coffee at the perfect temperature all day long. He can control the temperature with his phone and Apple watch. It records the different temperatures he wants for different types of drinks (woahhh we are in the future now aren't we!! Flying cars here we come)

Snorkel sets are a must-have for all summer vacations. It can save you so much money by not needing to rent snorkel gear! You also won’t need to go on any guided tours as you can just use your own gear at any store you go to.

On our recent trip to Hawaii, my husband used this spray for the first time and he loved it!! He said it made all the difference in keeping your snorkel goggles from fogging up!!

I hope this gift guide gave you so great ideas of what you can give the travel-loving man in your life! Let me know if your man has any must-have travel items!



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