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10 Must Haves for Traveling Moms

Here are the must-haves for all traveling moms!! I’m pretty sure one of the top ten sayings for moms is “Did I get everything?” I say that almost every time I leave the house!! Here are some items I have found to be a must-have while on the go with my little ones.

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Water Bottle

This is something I use on a daily basis. I’m sure we have all heard that we need to drink water! We all add it to our new year's resolutions every year and then forget about it 3 days later. This water bottle is huge and is a big help to keep me on track with drinking water!

Of course, you can’t take this full on a plane but it is perfect for road trips, day trips, and everyday adventures! When I first started using this water bottle I was amazed by just how little water I was drinking before!! It has been a huge help with staying hydrated. It has a straw which I think is a must for water bottles especially when they are this huge!!!

Extra plus: my kids end up drinking more water as well because they always want to drink from my water bottle.


I am a die-hard fan of this wagon!!! Wonderfold till I die type of thing haha! But seriously this wagon is amazing and we get sooooo many compliments and comments on it every time we are out. It makes day trips so much easier when having 3 small children. We can fit everything we need for the day in there and the kids enjoy riding in it!

Jewelry Case

Portable Charger

Whether it’s for capturing cute memories of your family or if you're like me trying not to get lost, you need your phone charged!!! I honestly don’t understand how people got around before!! I am a mess with directions. I can't imagine trying to get around with map-quest! No, Thank you!!

My family has loved having this portable charger! It is great because it is also solar-powered! So during a day at the beach, you don’t have to worry about anything dying. It can charge your phone 9 times, keeping the whole family charged!

Soap Sheets

Kids are dirty… I think all moms can admit that! Kids can be soo messy!! Dirt magnets! So many times we are out and about and there is not a bathroom available or it has a long line and all we need to do is wash our hands. Having these soap sheets has been so helpful to keep those little hands clean on the go! And they actually like using them, to the point where I have to monitor them to make sure they are not using them all!

Sunglass Case

I'm all for keeping everything in its place and not having a mom tornado in my purse. That is especially true for my sunglasses! There are way too many things in my purse and suitcase that can damage my glasses. So having a case is a must! This one is great because it allows you to hold 5 sunglasses at a time! It is perfect for all of your sunglasses or you can use it for the full family and keep them all in one place!

Passport Holder

Organization is a must when you're a mom! This is especially true when it comes to important documents like passports! This passport holder can hold your whole family's passports and it is cute to match your style!

Extra large tote bag

As a mom of 3 small kids anywhere we go requires a lot of stuff. So whether it is to the beach and overnight in a hotel, or a road trip this bag is perfect to keep all of our necessary items in one place.

It has:

- two strap length options

- zipper pocket

- 3 large elastic pouches

- soft fabric that allows it to fold flat for storage

Place Mats

These have been a must-have throughout my mommy journey! I have used these with all of my kids and find them so helpful when eating out! They stick on the table easily and provide a clean surface for your little ones to eat on. When they are really young it is helpful because you don’t have to worry about them throwing the plate on the floor or putting their food on the table and then eating it off (EWW). For my toddlers it is great because we can talk about the picture on the mat and the colors etc, giving them a little something to focus on. It also helps us keep the table clean. When we are done we just fold it up with all of our mess, throw it in the trash and we're good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this list of travel mommy must haves!! What is something you can’t live without being a mommy on the go??

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