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10 Road Trip Must Haves w/ Toddlers

Road trip must-haves for your car ride with toddlers! All the must-haves to keep your sanity!!

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1. My Co-Pilot Bag

I use this bag on a daily basis to store our most used homeschool items. But this bag is also perfect t to take on a road trip. It is the perfect size to sit at my feet without it being uncomfortable. It has multiple pockets to keep everything you need at your reach organized.

What I keep in this bag:

  • Sunglasses

  • My and my youngest's jacket

  • My everything bag (medicines, hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, Clorox wipes, scissors, band-aids, etc)

  • My youngest blanket

  • ABC and Number flashcards

  • 2 books for me to read

  • My makeup bag

  • Diapers and wipes

  • Wallet

2. Head Support Band

The first thing in my road trip must-haves is this head support band. Have you ever seen your kid fall asleep in the car and their neck looks broken? You need one of these pillows! It has a strap to make sure their head doesn't bob around while they are sleeping! And we all know how much easier road trips are when they are able to sleep!

3. Trash Bags

There is no way I can leave on a road trip without trash bags!! I always just take some of the overflowing stock of grocery bags I have under the sink.

One of the most annoying things for when on road trips is the amount of trash that can add up! It drives me crazy. It is so much better to have a bag for the trash so it's not being thrown all over the car and then at the next gas station or bathroom stop throw it out and you're good to go!

  • Also helpful if you have someone who gets carsick and has a leaky diaper (the glamorous life of a mom right??)

4. Extra clothes

When going on long road trips (4 plus hours) I always make sure to bring an extra pair of clothes for each kid. You never know if they will have an accident, spill a drink… or worse throw up!! You are going to want easy access to extra clothes so they don’t spend the rest of the ride naked!

5. Dramamine

How many times can I talk about throwing up in one post? I think I'm just traumatized from our first long trip with my son where he threw up a million times.

So now bringing children's Dramamine is a must. I always make sure to order it ahead of time just in case Target has run out which has happened before.

6. Water Wows

I like to make sure the kids have an activity to do besides just watching a screen! My kids love these!! They are so much fun. I love that they can reuse them many times before they start to wear off! It's also great because it doesn't make a mess since it just uses water.

7. Cooler

I love this cooler because it is small and collapsable! It is the perfect size for the car and makes it easy to bring all of our drinks in the car. When it's empty we can fold it up and it doesn’t take up too much space.

Road-trip must-have cooler items:

8. Box for snacks

I like having all of our snacks in a box like this! It is so much easier to see everything you have and keep it all organized. I place this right in the middle of the backseat for easy access! The dividers help keep different snacks separated as well!

Some of our favorite snacks for the kids:

  • Pirates booty (I have to control myself with these too because they are so good!!)

  • Fruit snacks are a fan favorite!! Even more, if it’s characters These are healthy, these are fun!

  • Candy (lollipops!) Yes, I know this is not the time for them to get in all their daily vitamins.

  • Mini pancakes

Keto snacks:

  • Gummy bears My favorite gummy bears!!! So yummy! Tastes like regular gummy bears.

  • Beef jerky. We love to stop at little stands along the road and try some jerky

9. Vacuum

Snacks + kids = crumbs!! When spending so much time in the car it's important to keep it clean to keep your sanity!! A car vacuum is perfect for a quick gas station clean up! Plus this one is small and compact making sure to take up too much space. One thing I hate about road trips is getting to locations and having the car be a mess. Being able to quickly clean up the car at ant time makes me feel so much more at ease.

10. Ipad with Headphones

+1 Portable Charger

Along with the ipads don’t forget a portable charger!! Yes you have your car charger but it doesn’t always reach and having one charger for 5 plus devices is not ideal!!

What are your road trip must-haves?



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