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Best Advent Calendars For Kids In 2023!

Advent calendars can be a great Christmas tradition to start with your family. Christmas is just around the corner. And what better way to bring in the festive season than with an advent calendar? These delightful little treasures have become a beloved tradition in many households, offering a daily dose of excitement and anticipation as we approach the most magical day of the year. Here are some of the best ones out there, the best sellers. So, let's unwrap the excitement and discover the joy that these little daily surprises can bring during the holiday season.


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This is great because it acts as an activity as well. Each day they get to open up a new tub of Play-Doh (what's better than a fresh tub of Play-Doh??) along with tools and accessories. The set comes with Christmas scenery to go along with your Christmas creations.

Have a Marvel fan at home? This advent calendar is perfect for them. Each day they get to collect all of their favorite heroes dressed with a little Christmas spirit. They are going to be so excited to see their collection grow!

Barbie and color-changing anything are the coolest things for girls right now. My daughter is constantly asking for color-changing barbies. This Barbie advent calendar is perfect! It comes with a Barbie, accessories, clothes, and pets. The pets and Barbie both have color-changing surprises that your little girl is sure to love.

For the brave moms out there, this slime advent calendar is so cute. All kids love slime. Not going to lie it is pretty fun to play with. This slime set comes with 24 slimes all scented and with festive mix-ins.

Watch your little girl get excited as she fills up her charm bracelet leading up to Christmas. This advent calendar comes with two bracelets and 22 charms.

Have a little one who loves science and magic? National Geographic has a great advent calendar that includes 24 experiments and magic tricks! I love the advent calendars that include an activity.

Anything mini is a win for kids! This advent calendar is full of 24 mini Disney toy packages. Your little one will be excited each day to see their mini collection grow each day.

My son loves Legos. He can play with them for hours. I am always amazed by what he is able to create.

The Lego brand has so many different themes of advent calendars.

Whatever your little one likes there is an advent calendar for them! Be sure to bring excitement to their face each day as you count down to Christmas with this fun family tradition!


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